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Suma D3.5 Break Up Heavy duty degreaser, aluminum safe

Super-concentrated high-performance cleaner / degreaser for food contact and other surfaces. Cuts through dirt, grime, soap scum and animal proteins, fats, oils, blood and grease on hard surfaces.

Please dilute 200ml to 1000ml of water before using (For best effect)

Features and Benefits
•Removes Protein, Animal Fats and Grease in One Application Clean fast and easy without hard scrubbing.
•Save Cleaning Time Up to One Half
Cuts labourcosts... clean even hard-to-clean grouting and is free rinsing.
Can be used in multiple cleaning methods (foaming, spraying, mopping, bushing or wiping)... reducing the need for several specially cleaners. Cleans many surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic and tile.
•Easy to use Product and label are color-coded to match dispensing equipment and accessories making employee training easier.

Application Areas
Many different food contact surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic and tile. Designed for use on all resilient and non-resilient floors including sealed wood and cork. Suma Break-Up HD is suitable for use in supermarket meat cutting, seafood, bakery, deli and produce areas institutional kitchens & food plants.

Directions for use:

Floor Cleaning:
Sweep floors as necessary. Fill mop bucket with hot water to desired level. Take 100ml of product to make 10% solution in 1 liter water. Mop floor and scrub all surfaces as necessary. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Sanitizer as necessary with Suma Bac D10.

Equipment Cleaning:
Cover or remove all food products forms the area. Manually remove gross soils form surfaces and equipment. Form Dispenser: Fill sink with hot water to desired level. Clean items with brush or sponge as necessary. Prepare 10% solution by taking 100ml Suma Beak-Up HD in 1 litre of hot water in sink. (Sink capacities may vary). Clean items with a brush or sponge and slow to penetrate soil at least for five minutes. To avoid food contamination, rinse all surfaces with potable water. Sanitize as necessary Suma Bac D10.