Our Services

Branding / Imaging    

We specialize in printing of a wide variety of disposable food packaging products to help our clients increase their branding value. We are constantly improving our printing technology to achieve up to 6 color print quality.


Product Customization

We constantly communicate with or key clients to develop new product designs that help to improve the packaging presentation of their product. A new design also improves functionality and saves time for our clients.



With our own logistic fleet of warehouses and 16 delivery trucks, we can deliver to any location in Singapore. We are able to help our clients achieve cost savings by storage and delivering the food packaging products for them instead of using their own trucks and warehousing.


Supply Chain Management

With our close partnership with various manufacturers and key clients in Singapore, we are able to help our clients and factories streamline their production and usage process such that the supply chain is continuous and waste less resource thus enabling minimum logistic and excessive production.



We are prized for our responsiveness to our customers whom we always solve their immediate requirement as soon as we can. With our team of experienced packaging consultants and technical experts from our manufacturing suppliers, our clients will always get the best and most efficient advice.



We have invested in multiple IT software to help track and monitor inventory. It also helps us to indentify market product trends ensuring that our clients always get the latest product in the market. We have also developed new online ordering Purchase orders for our key clients which help them to streamline the process. Another innovative software helps our manufacturers coordinate their manufacturing schedule to our clients usage quantity to ensure supply.


Bio Technology

We are very much about "Saving the Earth for the Future" which meant the involvement of many environmentally friendly products. We always try our atmost best in sourcing the best bio raw material to produce the products, for now and later. We are also working with various Green Manufacturers to develop new technologies for disposable food packaging.


Quality Certification

All our products are made by manufacturers with certified ISO, SGS or HACCP quality. Their factories are inspected and certified by our quality experts before we are allowed to distribute their products.