Our Values

Our Vision


(People first, Progress improvement, Products innovation, Profits follow)

If it were possible to establish conditions where persons could become united with a firm spirit of teamwork and exercise to their heart’s desire their creativity and willpower… then such an organization could bring untold pleasure and untold benefits… those of like minds have come together to embark on these ideals.

Purpose of Incoporation 

  • To establish a place of work where workers can feel the joy of their hard work and achievements, be aware of their mission to society, and work to their hearts content.
  • To pursue dynamic activities in packaging innovations and productions quality for the better life of the people and the elevation of the nation’s culture.
  • To apply improved packaging for the life of all of the general public.


Management Guideline 

  • We shall eliminate any unfair profit-seeking, persistently emphasize substantial and essential work, and not merely pursue growth.
  • We shall work with ethical and quality conscious production plants, bringing in superior quality products firstly for the public with focus on better lifestyle, better culture, better people, and lastly for profits.
  • We shall welcome operational and working difficulties, and focus on better quality packaging that have great usefulness in society, regardless of the quantity involved.
  • We shall place our main emphasis on ability, performance, and personal character so that each individual can show the best in ability and skill.
  • To learn respect, provide real satisfaction and value to all our clients regardless of any reason, as a way of cultivation of oneself and maximizing profits.
  • Profit is not the proper end and aim of management, it is what makes all of the proper ends and aims possible. (Better service, Better working conditions.) Profits is like oxygen, food, water and blood for the body, they are not the point of life, but without them, there is no life. 


CMHT (Cheng Moh Huat Trading) is a challenger and is always seeking new ideas and ways to improve us. Through progress, Cmht wants to serve the whole nation. It shall be always a seeker of improvement and change… we have a principle of respecting and encouraging one’s ability… and always tries to bring out the best in a person. Grow the strength and overcome the weakness. This is the vital spirit of Cmht.

Future developments:

  • To lead the market with new biodegradable products by producing and refine a product, and try to create a market for it by educating and communicating with the clients.     
  • From these ideologically driven tangible practices shall come a series of decisions to launch products for which there is no proven demand.
  • Understanding commitment to the society we live in and role of our company in the lifestyle of the nation.            
  • Our clients and suppliers are our business partners. We buy and store goods for them while earning a fair profit for our logistic and business solution services.