Cif Perfect Finish Oven & Grill Spray 435ml

Cif Perfect Finish Oven & Grill Spray 435ml

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Cif Perfect Finish Oven and Grill Spray is formulated to effectively tackle tough grease and burnt-on food, leaving ceramic and stainless steel ovens sparkling. This specialist cleaner spray has been scientifically formulated to cut through burnt-on grease, delivering 100% tough grease removal. Cutting through even the most difficult grease stains on your oven, grill, and hob.


  • 100% grease removal for a brilliant finish.
  • Tough on grease and burnt-on food to leave your oven gleaming.
  • Restores the sparkle of your oven from the inside out.
  • Also suitable for other cooking equipment such as barbecues.

Packing Dimensions

6 x 435ml